This building is very large and developmentally appropriate room which grows with the small group of children as they develop more language and gross-motor skills.  Children typically stay with their teachers in this room for two years to support continuity of care, and establish a strong socio-emotional connection which is the building blocks of early cognitive skills.  Classroom environment and materials get rotated bi-weekly based on children's interests and thier every emerging abilities.

For our big girls and boys get to receive a challenge while also feeling safe and staying engaged.  Our teacher's schedule is accommodating for each individual but also frames around designing learning opportunities and preschool readiness and self-help skills.

Optional Full wrap-around care collaboration with all local schools along with full day 4-K,  ideally with lower ratios and more space in addition to more one and one opportunity daily, the program stands out from the rest. Creative curriculum based, which is following the leading research based on NAEYC criteria. The perfect preparation for a child's successful self-esteem and academic success.

School Age Program offers full wrap around care with all local schools along with full time Summer Program. Children experience a such a variety of opportunities utilizing the community and local environment in the area to become engaged and steward of the land surrounding them. With full access to an 80 x 80 garden the children experience the natural phenomena daily while learning important life skills. Acadmics are a daily focus to keep children fresh for the school year and homework help is offered during our after school program.  Not only are the grounds designed for child-centered learning and creating, the surrounding areas offer trails, Brandy Park, Fields and Beach, disc golf, along with such a supportive relationship with local business' making the summer busy!

I am a Level 8 Member of the Wisconsin Registry (information at end) with verified training in Child Abuse & Neglect, First Aid & CPR, SIDS, and many more. I have also completed 32 credits of Early Childhood Education Courses through Nicolet in an attempt to receive an Associates of Applied Science Degree. I am still enrolled in courses, so I will work half-days on Mondays and Thursdays until May so that I can attend my classes. I’ve been here at Terri’s Treehouse since July 5, 2018 and, in this time, I’ve been able to focus on building my own teaching philosophy as I learn more and more every day. But I have even been here as student solong ago when I was a preschooler. I fell in love with this place and decided I wanted to be a teacher some day, now here I am! I’ve learned how important play-based learning is, and I truly believe in how beneficial sensory-play can be. I show my respect to the children by getting down to their level when speaking with them; I value their input and try to grant them choices whenever possible. I plan to casually observe them during their time here to help me determine my lesson plans based on skill levels, individual interests, and developmental domains. I also believe that parents are their children’s first teachers and, because of this, I would love a chance to find out more about your home lives and routines so that I can better understand your children. Get to know me: In my free time I enjoy the luxuries of the Northwoods through kayaking, downhill skiing, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, boxing, and hula hooping. I have one dog named Titan, and a cat named Alibi. I’m excited for every journey in life, and I’m constantly looking for adventure.

COMING SOON!   OUR VISION AN OUTDOOR IMMERSION ALL INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY CLASSROOM The Center is connecting Stakeholders, Community Members and Families while also seeking out external funds to support a rubust innovative Outdoor Classroom: INQUIRY TODAY IF YOUR BUSINESS FEELS THE NEED TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS EFFORT FOR THE COMMUNITY! Our Program has been gradually taking steps towards developing a robust Outdoor Learning Environment with a network of outdoor playscapes for our children in the Tri-County & Tribal community.  Our Gathering Garden, in which the outdoor learning experience is at the forefront, has been integrated with our curriculum for several years.  The Center intentionally integrates with our E.C.E  Farm to TableProject Learning Tree approach. In addition, we will do so while maintaining NAEYC Accreditation Program ID #291769 ‘representing the highest mark in quality early childhood education’.

Child Assessment and Observation

Children are assessed three times per year and observed regularly during freeplay, outdoors and while in small group /activities.  Each child will have a portfolio that will carry with them through their early years with some examples of progress in; learning, cognitive, language, sensory, socio-emotional, learning style, health and physical development and growth.  The staff maintains ongoing observation records throughout the year to assist them in planning activities, setting individual goals, and assisting with the assessments. Each new teacher will review previous observations and carry-out objectives and individualized plans of progress.  Objectives for group goals and individuals will be recorded on lesson plans and accommodations will follow unique needs of development per each student.   Each week lesson plans will be posted, with carried out review from Program Director. 

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