Who We Are

We offer a play-based developmentally appropriate learning environment with opportunities in all areas of development: social/emotional, cognitive, physical. We help children prepare themselves confidently for school, form healthy relationships, make positive choices, practice resiliency, and feed their inner imagination of the world around them. Our teachers are all educated and well qualified. They provide encouragement and direction while continuously provoking intellectual engagement.

Our teachers know that consistency, communication, trust, patience, modeling, and motivating help children learn best.

Daily Schedules

Posted in each classroom is a daily schedule so you can see what your child will be doing throughout the day. Meals/snacks, center play, outside time, daily activities, circle time, and rest time are examples of what you might see on the daily schedule.

Lesson Plans

Also posted in each classroom are weekly lesson plans so that you can stay informed of what your child will be learning throughout the week. Daily activities, music/movement, daily reading of stories, and weekly concepts are examples of what you might see on the weekly lesson plan.

Families are Important

The Programs staffing schedule takes families communication into consideration. Daily communication in a variety of forms is a key to developing strong relationship with our students and guardians. We want the Treehouse to reflect our families culture and celebrate the child. By working together, we get to know your child because we know you know your child best.

Our Classrooms

The curriculum and atmosphere in our classrooms are meant to provoke a both natural wonder and senses of the children.

Each classroom is organized into a variety of different learning centers. For example, our toddler room features a housekeeping area, reading center, sensory table, block area, manipulative area, and a separate quiet room.

Each classroom is stocked with a variety of developmentally appropriate materials. For example, the toddler room has many items for the children to practice their fine and large motor skills including large soft blocks, mats, musical instruments and other sensory focus materials. Items found throughout the toddler room provoke the senses through touch, light, and sound/music.

Our Philosophy

Our goal to all children in our area is to set higher expectations and continue to raise the bar for Early Childhood Education.  Our Program offers a nurturing play-based learning environment that is developmentally appropriate.  We implement a multitude of learning opportunities, which promote advancement in growth, confidence and explorations in all the aspects of individual development; sociably, cognitively, physical, emotionally.  These Objectives helps certain skills emerge such abilities to; prepare themselves confidently for school, work cooperatively, form healthy relationships, maintain self-esteem, resiliency, making and recognizing positive choices, and feed their inner imagination of the world around them.

Our teachers are all educated and well qualified.  They continually further their education to confidently support progression in all the dimensions of development, while gaining new innovative teaching techniques.  With serving each child’s particular needs and individuality, we provide encouragement and direction as we continuously provoke intellectual engagement.  Our teaching techniques are practiced through guidance, which helps each child discover and want to learn on their own.  We know as teachers that consistency, communication, trust, patience, modeling and motivating help children learn.  These accomplishments help them immensely in being prepared for future circumstances in life. 

Our environment objective is to create a curriculum and atmosphere that provokes both their natural wonder and senses.  Children become familiar with such real life elements and learn through cause and effect, interacting socially through play and structured activities while shaping and discovering their identity, and unique talents.  We offer a positive, safe, creative, and nurturing environment for that wonderful window of opportunity in their early childhood development.



"One of the best decisions we made when moving up here is enrolling our 2 daughters to Terri’s Treehouse! We are so grateful for all the teachers and staff and our girls are thriving there. They are all so compassionate and actually really care about each child. I’ve never come across so many caring people in my life and can not say enough amazing things about this place! My kids are excited every morning to go to school there." Betty Rickleff

"The staff is always observant with exceptional abilities to brighten the days of my kids including myself. Thank you"--Benjamin Micheal

"The Treehouse was a wonder to work at! Such warm welcomes from the staff and the family's. Working at the treehouse I learned so much about the value of a teacher and what we as a team can do to help a child. Working there felt more like I was with family than I was at a job with coworkers."- Miss Danyel Brooker, Mother of Three and former teacher

"Terri’s Treehouse teachers loved my kids like their own. They became a part of our family. I trusted them completely. They made healthy food, taught my kids to garden, and appreciate the outdoors, and taught the kids to have compassion. Our experience at Terri’s Treehouse enhanced my kids’ childhood immensely." -Krista Karow

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