Absence Notification Policy

The Parent/Guardian must call the center by 10:00 am if their child will not be attending their scheduled day, if no prior notification was given.  If the center has not received the absent call by 10:00 then the center director will notify the parent. The center will document the attempts to notify a parent when a child is absent from center without prior notification and filed.  (see form appendix pg. 1)



  1. Payments are to be prepaid every week or every two weeks.  Payments must be made by Tuesday of that week or you will be charged an additional $1.00 per a day late fee.

Your spot will be held only one week without a payment. You will be charged according to your child’s scheduled attendance, regardless of absence or presence.

Checks or Cash will be accepted, place in any check basket in a sealed envelope, receipts will be printed each week with balance and placed in parent folder.

Rates based on Daily or Weekly Rate:                     

Birth – 1 Year:     $48.00 daily


1 Year—2 Years:  $40.00 daily


2 Years—3 Years: $31.00 daily


3 Years—5 Years: $29.00 daily


5-12 Years: $30.00 daily

  1. A late fee of $1.00 for every minute parents are late in picking up their child after 5:15pm must be paid in full prior to returning to the center or attached to their billing.  Billing Policies applied to additional fees.
  2. All other fees for Activities or Field Trips will be added onto enrollment balances or paid prior to Event.

Vacation/Absent Days

   The following are vacation/absent days as granted by a Preschool child’s attendance at the center.

Vacation/absent time is accumulated only after the child has been in attendance the preceding month.  Vacation days are accumulated as follows:

Attending 5 days per week =1 day of vacation every 1 ½ months. Attending 4 days per week = 1 day of vacation every 2 months.

To avoid Cross Contamination and mixing of children the Center will have the hours of operation from 7:00 am-5:00 pm


Tuition and 'VACATION Days' will adhere.



Dear families,

The County is experiencing an influx of COVID-19  related quarantines and hitting some record numbers. 
Please contact the center if anyone is exhibiting symptoms or if your family has been contacted and requested to isolate. If anyone the family is in quarantine please refrain from bringing your children here at the center until your quarantine is complete.  If it is longer than a week the Center will give families 1 WEEK OFF tuition and hold your child’s spot.
 As teachers continue to avoid additional risks we are also at the mercy of the same recommendations and policies here at the center.  We will continue to keep you informed and do our best as the Northwoods Schools and counties peak in cases and exposures to stay staffed and safely serve.  
 Please continue to check emails for last minute closures and exposures in classroom, center in Tri-County Area.   Thank you for being supportive and keeping safe we really appreciate our families that are able to avoid social gathering and follow the CDC‘s recommendations at this time.
The Entire Staff here at Terri’s Treehouse

Terri’s Treehouse Early Learning Center

Sick Child Policy Amendment: COVID-19 updated 12/04/2020

The safety and wellbeing of all staff, children, and the families at Terri’s Treehouse continues to be of utmost importance to us. We always commit to taking all precautions toward keeping children and staff safe and healthy, including the current time of the COVID-19 outbreak. Following this additional sick child policy will help Terri’s Treehouse to do this.

Children will be monitored for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 daily. Children will be asked to stay home or return home if any of the following applies:

  • Have a fever of 99.6 or higher
  • Child or Anyone in the family has had a fever of 99.6 or higher or other potential symptoms of COVID-19, such as shortness of breath or persistent dry cough, within the last 72 hours
  • Have come in contact with others who have COVID-19
  • Has a family that is undergoing testing

To prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Children with signs/symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been exposed to others with COVID-19 will be asked to stay home
  • Children who develop signs/symptoms of COVID-19 while at the program will be immediately separated from others and the program staff will contract the family member and/or emergency contact to pick the child up
  • We encourage families to practice frequent handwashing at home
  • Terri’s Treehouse will practice handwashing upon arrival to the program, before meals and snacks, after outdoor play, after using the bathroom, prior to going home, after nose blowing or assisting a child with blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • Cover cough and sneezes with tissues, throw tissues in the trash, and clean hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer (if soap and water is not readily available)
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at least daily, including tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks

  If an enrolled child or employee tests positive for COVID-19:

  • The local public health department (Vilas County Health) and the Department of

Children and Families Bureau of Early Care Regulation will be contacted. Terri’s Treehouse will follow their guidance for next steps

  • The program will notify families of any confirmed staff or child cases of COVID-19 if there is a  possibility of contact based on close contact of 6’ for more than 15 minutes indoors.

Returning to a child care facility after suspected COVID-19 symptoms

If a staff member, family member or child has symptoms of COVID-19 or is in close contact of someone with COVID-19, they can return to the child care facility if the following conditions are met:

  • If an individual has a fever, cough or shortness of breath and has not been around anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, they can return to the center no sooner than 72 hours after the fever is gone (without the use of fever-reducing medication) and symptoms get better. If the person’s symptoms worsen, they should contact their healthcare provider to determine if they should be tested for COVID-19.
  • If an individual is diagnosed with COVID-19, they must remain out of the program for a minimum of 10 days after the onset of first symptoms. They may return under the following conditions:
  • If they had a fever: 3 days after the fever ends without the use of fever-reducing medication AND there is improvement in their initial symptoms (e.g. cough, shortness of breath)
  • If they did not have a fever: 3 days after they see an improvement in their initial symptoms (e.g. cough, shortness of breath)


I, (family member name) _________________________________________, parent/guardian of, ___________________________, have read and agree to the above sick child policy amendment.


Family member signature: ______________________________________________ Date: ____________


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